Woman's Club
   of Seal Beach

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Promoting the education & civic life
of our community since 1923


The Woman’s Club of Seal Beach welcomes all women of the community who wish to extend their circle of friends, share special interests, and make a difference in the community. At present, club members, who range in age from forty to ninety, include homemakers, entrepenuers, elected community leaders, professional women, teachers and retired teachers, nurses and retired nurses, and realtors.

Members are expected to attend at least three general meetings, support at least one fundraising activity per year, and serve on a luncheon committee once a year.

An application for membership (which may be obtained by calling our membership chairperson, Donna Dominguez. Contact: 562-596-2363 must be followed by one year’s dues of $30.00 for a regular membership and an additional one time fee of $9.50 for a membership name pin. All members receive a yearbook and a monthly newsletter.


1. An application for membership must accompany one year’s dues of $30.00. All members will receive a yearbook, monthly bulletin and a club coffee cup.

2. There will be an additional fee of $9.50 for a club name tag.

3. Each general meeting has a business meeting followed by a program and lunch, which costs $10.00. Contact Luncheon Chairman three days in advance if not staying for lunch.

4. Members shall attend at least 3 general meetings a year.

5. We have three major fundraisers a year, the Plant Sale in September, Standing Ovations holiday sale in November and the Tea and Fashion show in May. The money we raise from these projects help support many civic, educational, environmental and community affairs within our community. Members must support all fundraising activities..

6. Members shall serve on at least one general meeting luncheon committee per year.

2017 - 2018 Executive Board

Current Officers:
Left to Right is:  Marilyn Van Dyke, Treasurer;  K.C. Boelsems, Corresponding Secretary;  
Jackie Hildebrant, Parliamentarian;  Susan Ramage & Maria Buhbe, Co- Vice President;  
Twyla Karkut, President.